Double manual harpsichord
after Goermans-Taskin
(Russel Collection- Edinburgh)

"Revalement" of a flemish harpsichord by J. Goermans remade by P. Taskin in 1783, whose timbre sounds majestic and warm in the low notes, clear and bright in the middle-high ones as it is in the best flemish tradition, whereas mechanical quality, keyboard nimbleness
and formal carrying out reflect
the great care of the french manner.

Compass FF f3
Stops 2x8' - 1x4' lute
Trasposing keyboard 415 -440 Hz
Size 245x93x28 cm
Options:historical decoration
"Peau de buffle" stop

Included: rosette, pear wood jacks, monochrome laquering with gold leaf banding.
Any other kind of model or finishing to be fixed.

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